The Purpose of Life

Words from the Walter Mitty* film. Picture by me. Hands by Ryan, Hayley, and Nisha. ❤   *Not as wonderful a film as I was hoping (and as the first trailer led me to believe), but still worth watching and definitely full of beautiful imagery.

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I’m Back!

My apologies, loyal readers*, I have not abandoned you. I've been back in Vancouver for nearly two weeks and, somehow, I've had barely any spare time. Between the job hunt, catching up with friends, and helping out on set, I've hardly had two spare seconds to rub together (not to mention discovering Tinder, playing in… Continue reading I’m Back!

Of the week

Of the Week

Magic Mike 2 is going to be "... essentially the movie that everyone thought the first one was going to be." #YESSSSSS This is wonderful news. Also, no Alex Pettyfer, please. Creepy ass pictures. Like, arty, creepy ass pictures. Will Ferrell's production company (Gary Sanchez) is forming a "female-driven" division (Gloria Sanchez). Awesome, awesome, awesome-sauce. Tired of… Continue reading Of the Week

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Back in the Homeland

Mere hours off the plane, I'm decked out in fancy rain boots, sporting zero makeup, and trudging through the rain to dine at the Na'am. Vancouver, never change. Leaving L.A. was extremely bittersweet. I'll write more about it in the coming days, I'm sure, when I've had more time to reflect. Saying goodbye to Hayley… Continue reading Back in the Homeland

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This was supposed to be about wedding dress shopping but it turned into a long rant about shitty romantic movies.

Another day came and went and I only took two photos: this one for Instagram, extolling the beauty that is cheap, American-bought alcohol and this one: Oooh, so impressed. NOT. It's kind of timely actually as last night we were driving around and we stopped at a red light next to a poster of A Winter's… Continue reading This was supposed to be about wedding dress shopping but it turned into a long rant about shitty romantic movies.

Of the week

Of the Week

While what's going on in Russia is obviously a terrible, no-good, really bad thing, I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge how well the rest of the world is responding. Keep in mind that en masse, Internet-wide LBGTQ(IA*) support is a new thing. I think we (we, of course, being a relative term, meant… Continue reading Of the Week

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Writing days & movie nights

While it may appear that all I've been doing in Los Angeles is playing, I did in fact come here to get some work done. Some network! Get it? Work... network! #sorrynotsorry Anyway, I've had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people here and will soon be compiling all the advice they have given me into… Continue reading Writing days & movie nights

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How we celebrate Martin Luther King day…

By going to Mexico!  Not actually Mexico. No, unfortunately, we didn't go to Mexico, but we found the next best thing: Olvera St. Hayley works an insane schedule so naturally we were both thrilled to find out she had Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off. After much discussion of what to do with such rare… Continue reading How we celebrate Martin Luther King day…

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Nisha’s Last Day in L.A. and Celebrity Approachment

Sunday morning we woke up refreshed and groggy. Wait... refreshed or groggy, you choose. It was Nisha's last morning (sob!) so we decided to squeeze in a few more things before driving her to the airport. First on the list, farmer's market! My obsession with farmer's markets knows no bounds and I couldn't wait to check… Continue reading Nisha’s Last Day in L.A. and Celebrity Approachment