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We’re joined by two of the DSC endorsed candidates in the race, Jenn Neilson, Green Party candidate for Victoria – Beacon Hill and Kelly Tatham Green Party Candidate for Vancouver – Mount Pleasant. We discuss their races, their values, and the need for a change of course in our society and our politics to one of caring, compassion, and justice for every Canadian.

“I think that our consciousness is evolving so that we’re going to be able to rise to this challenge, that we’re going to be able to figure this out, that this is exactly the catalyst we need to rethink humanity and come together – because the way in which we’re living doesn’t work.”

Crown Yourself Podcast “Activism and Human Behaviour in the Multiverse”

“When we share our truths, we disrupt the whole system.”

Talking about Climate Change and the Multiverse on Jessica Sele’s Hot Topic

“Multiverse Dating for Beginners is a marvelous film, full of comedy, tragedy, and most of all, character work. These two are perfect at exploring. The direction and writing of Kelly Tatham is absolutely perfect, making the most of every nuance in a story that easily could have abandoned nuance for bombast.”

Klaus at Gunpoint, January 2018

“Women directors/creators were also very prominent in this genre, as en route to the presentation, I shared an elevator with Kelly Tatham, who wrote and directed the delightful narrative short Multiverse Dating for Beginners, which features one of my favorite endings of any film I saw at the festival.”

Awards Daily, November 2018

Filmmaker Kelly Tatham is a delightful mind, so you should take this opportunity to dip a toe in to her thoughts on reality.

Fanboy Planet, February 2019

AD: I know you received some criticism on YouTube from men, with some calling Ivy “needy” and “annoying.” Was that surprising? Especially since the point of the film is that she was desperate not to seem like that to Dave.

KT: I knew there’d be negative criticism (because YouTube), but I didn’t think there’d be THAT much. But, I mean, I get it. Ivy is needy and annoying if you’re a certain kind of guy. We all live in our own worlds… hence the Multiverse. Honestly, it’s an honour that people care enough to comment. My job as an artist is to provoke reactions.

Awards Daily, March 2019