Political Run

In fall 2020, the BC NDP called a snap election one week after the BC Green Party elected their new leader, Sonia Furstenau. Appalled by this transparently undemocratic power play and the general state of politics in Canada, Kelly put her name forward to run for MLA in the Mount Pleasant riding in Vancouver.

Words ARE Spells

the personal is political

Spoken Word

Hello, my name is Kelly and I am trying to save the world. Except, there is no world…

Performed for the first time in January 2020 at an Extinction Rebellion gathering and for the second time at Fairy Creek during a peace circle in July 2021, ‘There is No World’ is a meditation on martyrdom, the multiverse, the nature of time, the root causes of capitalism, and how lasting change starts within.


At the intersection of activism and esoterica, science and spirituality,
conversations about our changing world.


Created & hosted by Kelly Tatham. Listen on Spotify, iTunes, online.

“Kelly and her guests are incredibly insightful, offering knowledge and thought-provocation in everything from sexuality to social justice to organized actions and plant medicine. Highly recommend listening to expand your world-view.”

Seeking Water Documentary

In October 2020, Kelly joined forced with water protector and land defender Kwistel Tatel in an effort to bring clean, running water to Myrna Laslo, Kwitsel’s sister living on government-regulated reserve land.

What followed for Kelly was an unravelling and understanding of the corrupt and bureaucratic structures that enforce generational poverty, illness, and systemic oppression onto Indigenous people in so-called Canada.

Video trailer for “Myrna’s Story”

Philosophy Club

In late 2019 Kelly began running Philosophy Clubs — curated group conversations inviting deeper consideration of complex subjects. The inaugural club, hosted by Lauren Bon’s Metabolic Studio in Los Angeles, discussed the concept of “truth.”

Philosophy Club later moved online with a study group reading Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics, and held additional club meetings in Vancouver, exploring what it would look like to apply a non-dual lens to direct action and protest.

What is truth?