Hello. My name is Kelly Tatham and I am a multi-dimensional collage artist. Through writing, photography, film, poetry, podcasts and philosophy clubs, I seek to save the world — by understanding it.

My work is a multi-faceted expression of and yearning for love and evolution.

Over the years my creative expressions have morphed from telling stories to demanding social justice to searching for the true nature of reality and back again. 

There is no inherent truth, no singular reality. Timelines shifting, moving, humanity improving. The past, present, and future exist simultaneously. Change your beliefs and watch the ripples unfold, bending truths once held steadfast into kinder, softer expressions of the human experience.

Unpacking Public Safety with Tonye Aganaba: Part One Climate Change in the Multiverse

Reflecting on the first #Time2Talk Public Safety, Tonye and Kelly talk about the bigger picture of crime, care, colonial constructs, and how we police each other. Kelly speaks to some of her White bias and Tonye reminds us that we have all been robbed by colonialism and systemic racism.Follow Tonye @tonyeaganaba on Twitter and Instagram. Listen to their podcast The Living Laboratory on Soundcloud and their music on Spotify.
  1. Unpacking Public Safety with Tonye Aganaba: Part One
  2. Overcoming Barriers to Entry with Nazanin Moghadami
  3. The Colonial Roots of the Drug War with Scott Bernstein
  4. The Economics of Climate Change with Dr. Devyani Singh
  5. A New Story of Politics with Sonia Furstenau

Climate Change in the Multiverse

At the intersections of science and spirituality, activism and esoterics, conversations about our changing world.

Words Are Spells

“The real secret of magic is that the world is made of words, and that if you know the words that the world is made of you can make of it whatever you wish.”

There is No World

There is no world. Or, rather, there are infinite worlds. I am a world and you are a world and… this place we call home?

It is a moving, thriving multiverse populated with unique hearts and minds.