While they were cruel, I also felt like many of the comments rang true. Amidst the vitriol, I couldn’t help but admit: The Angry Men of YouTube were right. Or not “right,” per se. But some of their criticisms were valid. We don’t live in a singular universe where everyone holds the same beliefs and plays by the same rules. There is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to opinions. And because we live in an infinite multiverse where every individual experiences a slightly different reality from the next, everything is subjective.

Dating in the Multiverse, March 2019

There is something I have to tell you and I need you to listen carefully: your story is valid. Your. Story. Is. Valid. YOU are valid. You are valid whether or not your path, your journey, and your truth have been reflected back to you by the culture, the television, films, literature, and the people around you.

Your story is valid because you have lived it, because it is yours. Whatever your path has been, it is valid, and you never need to justify that to anyone.

Single is the Default, December 2018

You see, a new dilemma arose as I approached thirty. I’d been living in a shoebox-sized room for nearly a year, in a house with five roommates and one bathroom, I worked at a bar, had zero savings, was totally and completely single, and suddenly I started to feel like shit about it.

How I Came to be Home-Free, June 2018

Because for some us in our twenties and maybe beyond, we’re all just looking for something. Something that feels like home. Or not like home. Somewhere to explore, disappear in, ex-patriate towards; some place to fall in love with. Some place, some where, some thing, we don’t really know. 

COUCHES, June 2018


One might expect to detect boastful pride in the voice of an artist who in less than half a decade is already working full-time, but Elder is instead quiet, thoughtful, and speaks passionately about learning to understand paint and dedicating himself to technique. His desire to paint started with a yearning for a more in depth understanding of ecology, the science behind the relationships between organisms and their environments—or, perhaps, more poetically and simply: the relationships between organisms and their environment. 

Portrait of an Artist: Collin Elder, December 2014