VICE: Inside the Dubious World of RA MA Yoga, and Its Girl Boss Guru to the Stars

And what you thought you came for

is only a husk

Conversations with Nisha Shankar

a shell of meaning

from which the purpose breaks only

when it is fulfilled

if at all. 

(TS Eliot)

Lady Chainsaw and forest defenders hold the front line at Fairy Creek. August 25th, 2021

Listen to “A Story about a Shirt” from SheBites Media, contributed reporting by Kelly Tatham.

Forest defenders hold off the RCMP and Teal Jones industry workers.

Raven and Whale Tail hard block themselves under the bridge, confounding the RCMP ERT.

Whale Tail, Pacheedaht matriarch

ERT and C-IRG RCMP remove and destroy hard blocks.

Canada is an illegal occupation founded on genocide.

Climate protest. Downtown Los Angeles. September, 2019

Psychedelic And Cannabis Industry Insiders Offer A 2020 Retrospective