Of the Week

TV: How to Get Away With Murder

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard about How to Get Away With Murder.

I can’t praise this show highly enough. Seriously. It’s AMAZING! But, actually, in the effort of honesty, you probably shouldn’t trust me on this one. I am the very opposite of an impartial viewer. Because, this show, it feels like, is made specifically for me. Not one, but TWO over-arcing murder plots. Fast-paced story telling. Attractive (but not cookie-cutter) leads. Episodic trials of the week. Screaming, crying, plotting, and soapy amazingness.

It’s hard to trust in a post-Lost era, but I believe that the creator, Peter Nowalk, has it all planned out. I’m choosing not to try and figure anything out — I just want to go along for the ride. But, holy crap, HOW ARE THEY ALL CONNECTED?!? WAS IT ALL PARIS’S* FAULT?!? DID ANNALISE MAKE THEM DO IT? WHAT’S UP WITH THE GOTH CHICK?!?!!? Ahhh, is it Thursday again, yet?

(And a selfish note: I’m so happy this is doing spectacularly in the ratings, but this is exactly the type of TV show I want to make.)

*Liza Weil will never not be Paris from Gilmore Girls.



Song: “Busy Earnin'” by Jungle

According to Wikipedia, Jungle’s music has been described as, “‘midtempo 1970s-style funk’ and their music is intermixed with tropical percussion, wildlife noises, falsetto yelps, psychedelic washes and badoinking bass.” How can you not love that? They’re playing at The Imperial Vancouver this Tuesday night. The show appears to be sold out, but it would be worth trying your last minute luck as it’s going to be an incredible show.


Book: An Embarrassment of Mangoes

Since I already blogged about it twice in the past week, might as well go ahead and officially recommend this book. It’s not going to blow your mind or change your life, but it will keep you warm** on a grey fall day. While I hope you all have the opportunity to travel far and often, I know many of your days will be spent in your hometown, working hard (to save for traveling?); things can get a little monotonous, so whenever you can, treat yourself to book that will transport you somewhere else. An Embarrassment of Mangoes does just that. Ann and her husband take you all over the Caribbean on a fun, easy, and enjoyable literary sailboat ride.

**Metaphorically speaking.



Movie Trailer: The Imitation Game

Doesn’t it just make you want to pack up and move to England? (I mean like, not during WW2 or anything, but it’s just those accents and that tweed… Sigh. I might have to apply for a Visa or something.)

Anyways, Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley are two of the best of their generation. This is going to be a fantastic film.

Nassau, Bahamas (Part 2)

Let’s get to the most important part right away: Sky Juice.

Sky Juice Recipe

Seriously. So good.

So after I’d walked up the Queen’s Staircase, I headed over to Fort Fincastle. It overlooks the eastern approach to New Providence, Nassau, and Paradise Island (not to mention the infamous Atlantis).


After that, I had a few places in mind but no specific plan, so I unfolded my trusty map and decided to walk in the direction of the fish fry. (Fish fry, FYI, is Nassau’s famous strip of seafood restaurants. Right on the ocean, with more options than you could ever attempt to choose from. When you head there ask a local to direct you to their favourite haunt.)

As I was wandering down through the mostly empty downtown Nassau suburbs, I bumped into a group of twenty-somethings. I’d seen them earlier (near the pirate museum, I believe), so I waved and they called me over. Turns out we were a few short blocks from a rum distillery. They invited me to join them for a tour and, naturally, I said yes.

johnny watkin's

The tour was a bit lacklustre, but the grounds were beautiful and the rum, tasty. My new friends were a group of cousins from New York and Toronto taking a family vacay together. I surreptitiously told them I was here with friends who didn’t feel like sightseeing today; (mostly true.) After siphoning as much free rum as we could, it was time to head to the fish fry. We walked straight down to the water and, in the stifling heat, decided to take a pause before turning left. Thankfully we did, because that’s when Sky Juice was discovered. (See above.)

The middle shack on the right provided the Sky Juice.

Something I hadn’t done enough of in my previous travels was ask the locals for tips. That, and take pictures of food; (yes, I’m part of that 50% percent.) Often times what the guide books recommend and what the locals suggest overlap, but it’s always worth it to ask. (Sky Juice was recommended by several different people.)

Speaking of suggestions, I knew I had to try conch while I was in the Bahamas. The book I mentioned in the previous post, An Embarrassment of Mangoes, told, in great detail, the joys and pains of eating conch. Thankfully I didn’t have to eat it myself — it requires a great deal of pulling to get it out of the shell and a great deal of beating (to tenderize) once it’s set free.


I selected the cracked conch and it was flippin’ delicious. It’s very similar to calamari, but even better — more tender, more flavourful. If you ever get the chance, you must try it.

(Disclaimer: you probably won’t have much luck at the resort. I had the same problem finding Mexican food in Cabo. They have a sushi restaurant, a steakhouse, fine French dining, but only one tiny hole in the wall for Mexican food! What up? As such, I couldn’t find any conch dishes at any of our resort’s food establishments… They did, however, have fantastic thin crust pizza.)

Then, half-cut on Sky Juice and full of conch, it was time to bid adieu to the cousins and head back to the resort. I hopped on another bus (they’re always whizzing by) and was back with plenty of time to lounge around in the pool and get ready for a big dinner out.


Bahamas, you were swell.

I don’t know how feasible it would be to travel around the Caribbean on a budget* but I do hope to make it back before I’m 50. It would be incredible to spend some time island hopping — or sailing, (after I get over my fear). Grenada in particular is calling to me.

It’s a beautiful place; and, though, despite it’s proximity to the States, it didn’t feel overrun by tourists or bereft of culture. Sure there were a lot of pander-y shops — I didn’t even mention the work day spent wandering around the hella touristy area; but if you look a little further, there’s a lot of authenticity and stunningly beautiful sights to be found.

*Budget: A personal travel guideline for the foreseeable future.

See ya around, Bahamas.