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Film Review: Dear White People

Satire is the weapon of reason.  Dear White People is the first feature film from writer/director Justin Simien. Funded partially by Indiegogo, the film was released in the States on Oct. 17th, but only made it to Vancouver, Canada last Friday. If you haven't been following my myriad anticipatory tweets, please click here to watch the… Continue reading Film Review: Dear White People

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Of the Week

Movie: If you're looking for your new favourite romantic comedy, look no further than The F Word. (Or What If if you live in America.) Writer Elan Mastai and director Michael Dowse deliver on all levels. It's sweet; it's hilarious; it's touching; and it's truthful. Mastai has been quoted as saying "... everyone is an expert (on romantic comedies)." That… Continue reading Of the Week