Lessons Learned (Sleepy Tom Edition)

You guys! My little brother is DJing in New York City tonight. New York-freaking-City!

So I was going to go into this whole tirade about working hard and following your dreams and how proud I am and the lessons I’ve learned and other mushy stuff like that, but it’s Saturday and my brain is sleepy. So, instead, check out Cam’s official music video:

Or on Much Music’s website. (Like, it’s a part of the official rotation now.)

And dance your butt off while you’re wrapping your body in warm things and building up the courage to leave the house (Canadian readers) or getting over your midday slump (I see you, one Australian reader) or making inappropriate decisions after midnight or wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, throw on “The Currency” and get a little crazy.

So, congratu-fucking-lations Cam. Kick some ass in New York tonight. I’m so proud of you and I’m so grateful you’ve shown me how to follow your dreams. Wish I could party with you in NYC tonight. Maybe next time 🙂

Of the Week

Cooool! 13 Houses with Secret Passageways 

If you haven’t heard yet, I’m here to tell you, New Girl is getting sued. I’ve read all the comments and the public seems to be evenly divided. Half the commenters are saying this 100% happened and FOX with pay through the nose and the other half are saying its ridiculous and a total stretch. After skimming through the lawsuit myself, I don’t have anything new to tell you, except that half of those people might be right.

Speaking of FOX, they’ve ordered the pilot for Empire, a hip-hop drama from Lee Daniels and Danny Strong solidifying a new trend in music based television, specifically in the hip-hop/rap genre. I am, however, most excited for the half hour HBO Calvin Harris/Will Smith/Jay Z/Irvine Welsh collab.

Am decidedly less excited for the Leo Dicaprio/Jonah Hill/Q-Tip one. (And my gut tells me it won’t go anywhere.)  And, also, ALSO Baz Luhrmann and Shawn Ryan are prepping a drama set at the birth of hip-hop. (Did that sentence make sense?) It will probably be awesomely entertaining/critically reviled, but I am contractually obligated to my fifteen-year-old self to be obsessed with anything that man makes. (Except for Australia. Let’s continue to pretend like that never happened.))

TV: Have we talked about Sherlock yet? If you’re not watching Sherlock, you are not living life to the full extent. YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON LIVING A GOOD LIFE. Just watch it, please.

Film: Philomena – If you’re in need of a good cry, I suggest you bring the whole frickin’ box of tissues to this one. So sweet.

(Sorry it’s a short one today. Slow news week? I’ll do better next week. Promise.)