Netflix* Movie Suggestions

Just a few suggestions if you’ve spent the last 20 minutes listlessly scrolling and need help deciding. (More to come, especially after I make my way through my own Netflix list — including, but not limited to Frances Ha, Belle, Tracks, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen) Enough Said – It stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Enough said, amirite?! Ha! Anyways… it’s an adorable, adult rom-com. Perfect for viewing at anytime with almost anyone. In Your Eyes – I reviewed it here. No need to read the review, though, just watch the film if you’re in the mood for an unabashed romance. Like, Buffy and Angel-type yearning, but with a brilliant sci-fi/fantasy twist. Also, Zoe Kazan! The Intouchables – You will cry all the tears. It’s in French, so prepare for subtitles. This film will make you appreciate your life more. Chocolat – Remember when Johnny Depp used to be hot? Sigh. Those were the days. You’ve probably already seen Chocolat but it’s been a few years, right? This film is so worth revisiting. It’s romantic; it’s moving; and it’s a little bit magical. (Also, if you ever come across the book, grab it! It’s a wonderful read.) The Reader – As great as Slumdog Millionaire is, I thought The Reader deserved Best Picture in 2008. This is not a hungover Sunday film. This is a Thursday night, I’m wide awake and want to watch something moving, film. Kate Winslet is spectacular. Amélie – This may be the most charming film of all time. You’ve seen it already, right? Right!? I’m assuming you all have, but I’m putting it here just in case. It’s also in French so, yes, subtitles… but that doesn’t hold you back, does it? Reading is fun! I wish more stories incorporated magic realism; it’s pretty much the best. Watch this with red wine and good chocolate and maybe someone you adore. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – Toronto! Michael Cera! Evil ex-boyfriends! Edgar Wright! If you still haven’t caught this cult film, get on it. It’s got action, romance, and comedy in spades. In Bruges – First of all, ignore Colin Farrell’s character’s tirades. Bruges, the city, is lovely. In Bruges, the movie, is also great. It’s a bit violent and drug-filled, but if you’re down with that, jump right in. The entire cast is brilliant as the plot takes you for a wild ride through the titular, sleepy Belgian town. *Disclaimer: These suggestions are for Netflix Canada. Sorry. Maybe your country’s Netflix will have a few of these. I least I hope so, eh?