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Links of the week:

The Veronica Mars trailer was released, containing almost no new footage. But I don’t care. It’s glorious and I am counting down the days ’til March 14th.

Tina Fey sells another sitcom and it sounds even better than the last.

A glimpse at Paris in 1942. Or at least one woman’s apartment in Paris in 1942. Pretty neat.

Lady Gaga back tracks and replaces R Kelly on her “Do What U Want” track. Enlisting former “rival” Xtina is sure to drum up the same controversy as one urinating lothario. (Not.) Dear Gaga, next time you pay someone to join you on a track that proclaims: “So do what you want/What you want with my body. Do what you want/Don’t stop, let’s party.” Maybe don’t hire a man with multiple dozens of lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct with underage women. Just a thought.

So, it’s still okay to eat seafood on the West coast? Most things you’re reading about Fukushima are vastly over-exaggerated. Probably. Believe whatever you want; let’s face it, our grandchildren are hooped either way.

Current obsessions:

Movie: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Have you seen it yet? Rent/download/beg/borrow/buy and watch the first movie then get thee to a theatre! Jennifer Lawrence is amazing, obviously, but, also, it’s just a really solid, entertaining film. It left me wanting so much more which is something I can’t say very often these days; (I’m looking at you, Hobbit Part 2.)

Song: Buzzcut Season by Lorde – Yes, I’m still talking about Lorde. No, I won’t stop. But, guys, it’s, like, a really, really good song.

TV: The Newsroom – The critics haven’t been crazy about this show, but I can’t even find the perspective to analyze it because I love it so very much. I am also now convinced that Aaron Sorkin can save Romantic Comedies. Seriously, Mr. Sorkin, aid a dying genre! It may feel like this paragraph just took a really weird digression, but after you watch the show you’ll understand. Sorkin does physical comedy, dry wit, and unrequited love like no one else on television and I think it would translate beautifully into 90 minutes of Natasha Bedingfield-backed will-they-or-won’t-they-but-of-course-they-will popcorn-y goodness. (This plea also goes out to Kay Cannon and Katie Dippold and Tina Fey and any other capable screenwriters… I miss romcoms!)

Of the week.

Links of the week:

To distract you from the all important shopping, wrapping, and baking. You’re welcome.

Tom Hiddleston/Benedict Cumberbatch dance off. (What more could you ask for?)

Words that are no longer used in daily speech that you should probably add to your vocabulary.

Pivot adds Buffy and Veronica Mars reruns. Winning its way into my heart as the best damn channel you can’t order in Canada.

Dan Savage reviews Sarah Palin’s new book. And is hilarious and poignant, as usual.

The MPAA continues to fail us. (Time for a new system, anyone?)

Paul Rudd confirmed as Ant-Man. Paul Rudd officially on Edgar Wright’s team and rumours of Rashida Jones makes this the upcoming superhero flick I’m most excited to see. (X-Men: Day of Future Past excluded. No amount of superhero exhaustion will ever stop me from loving the X-Men.)