Of the week

Of the Week

Links of the week: The Veronica Mars trailer was released, containing almost no new footage. But I don't care. It's glorious and I am counting down the days 'til March 14th. Tina Fey sells another sitcom and it sounds even better than the last. A glimpse at Paris in 1942. Or at least one woman's… Continue reading Of the Week

Of the week

Of the week.

Links of the week: To distract you from the all important shopping, wrapping, and baking.¬†You're welcome. Tom Hiddleston/Benedict Cumberbatch dance off. (What more could you ask for?) Words that are no longer used in daily speech that you should probably add to your vocabulary. Pivot adds Buffy and Veronica Mars reruns.¬†Winning its way into my… Continue reading Of the week.