Of the Week

A British man visits EVERY country in the world without getting on a plane once. Impressive! (Also, mildly crazy?)

SNL adds Sasheer Zamata and the internet unearths everything she’s ever put online. There’s tons of hilarious stuff, but the message to HBO requesting more “dong” is my personal favourite.

Somebody somewhere crunched some numbers and deducted that movie goers want to see women playing roles other than girlfriend/hooker/nurse. I’m paraphrasing, but, yeah, go figure.

Apparently no anywhere has ever died of a marijuana overdose. Et tu, alcohol?


Miniseries: The Bletchley Circle – British, natch, but available on Netflix is an engrossing little murder mystery series (3 x 45 min eps). It’s not perfect, but it’s very enjoyable and is the perfect model of something that could be done successfully in Canada.

TV: Sherlock‘s back! This season is taking more of a character development direction, but it’s still brilliant and incredible and more hilarious than ever. I definitely miss the overarching mystery/villain, but I’m very much hoping that one will be set up in the next/last episode and will carry on into future seasons. (Of which I hope there will be dozens. At the very least, the creators have suggested that they’ll be at least two more.)

Movie: Also for your Netflix viewing pleasure (feel free to pay me any time, guys), is In & Out, one of my favourite Kevin Kline films. (Thanks, mom, for sharing your crush with me!) It may pop up in “Comedy” but it’s mostly relegated to the “Gay & Lesbian” section which is a shame, but that’s not all a person movie is! Whatever, it’s really funny and also stars Tom Selleck, Matt Dillon, Joan Cusack, and Debbie Reynolds.

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