Welcome to Los Angeles

Well folks, I’m exhausted; (and if you saw the liquor prices here you’d understand why.)

I kid. I kid… but it has been an exciting couple of days. For those of you who are unfamiliar with L.A., let it be known that it is HUGE. MASSIVE. GARGANTUAN. Geographically speaking, if you took all of Vancouver proper, plus Surrey, West Van, Burnaby, Richmond, etc., etc., it still wouldn’t match the size of Los Angeles.*

*This fact may or may not be accurate. I measured it with my fingers on Google Maps.

My flight was a piece of cake. It took off early AND I had an entire row to myself; and flying out in the pouring rain didn’t make it to difficult to say goodbye. I landed in L.A. to a beautiful sunset and the smell of heat and pollution in the air; (it reminded me of flying into Manila and it was glorious.) Hayley, freshly off work, picked me up from the airport and after brief jump-y-clapping and a long hug, we hit the highway.


Ryan greeted us at their place with a six-pack of wine.** Naturally we dug right into the wine and then ordered some Thai food. We caught up; we drank; we laughed; we half-heartedly played Settlers of Cattan.

** That is a bag custom-made to carry SIX BOTTLES OF WINE. Not wine coolers, full sized bottles. The cost of the delicious wine I’ve been drinking here ranges from $2.50 – $8. God Bless America.

The next morning, after an awesome breakfast courtesy of Ryan, Hayley and I took off for shopping and pedicures. For fuel we stopped at one of Hayley’s favourite Mexican restaurants, El Chollo. Mmmmmargaritas!

Mild digression… while wine/beer/liquor in California is a 1/3 to a 1/4 of the cost of w/b/l in Canada at a store, it’s often the same cost or more at restaurants and bars. (And I thought booze markups at home were bad.) That being said, the pours here are significantly more heavy-handed. (One-shot-measured liquor “guns”? As if!) Either way, Americans are getting slightly ripped-off at restaurants and Canadians are getting brutally ripped-off EVERYWHERE. But, hey, B.C.’s getting happy hour, so progress?

Back to our Saturday… we popped back to Hayley and Ryan’s house to get dolled up for the night and then quickly headed out to the L.A. Kings vs. Detroit Red Wings game. The seats were awesome (Thanks, Chuck!!) and we had a really fun — albeit stereotypically girly*** — time.

*** Read: selfies & ciders.


After the game we walked over to The Edison to meet Hayley’s friends, Katie and Courtney. Named after Thomas Edison, the building was downtown L.A.’s first power plant, but is now home to a swanky underground club. The line was a bit of a wait but we made friends with the (slightly bewildered at our overenthusiastic friendliness) girls in front of us. Inside was really cool, decorated all old-timey-power-plant-like and the place was packed with hip twenty-somethings dressed to the nines. We enjoyed the atmosphere and some heavy-handed drinks for a little while then decided to switch things up. Visitor’s choice, so naturally I picked the dive-iest bar in range and we finished off the night on a loud, Irish-themed, (sort-of underground) patio. Then we hopped in Courtney’s car and after a long foggy**** drive, we were home.    

**** I don’t mean that euphemistically; the weather was actually super foggy which is apparently really rare for L.A.

OK, update over for now. I’ll post more when I have time!

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