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gay pride flag facebook covers

While what’s going on in Russia is obviously a terrible, no-good, really bad thing, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge how well the rest of the world is responding. Keep in mind that en masse, Internet-wide LBGTQ(IA*) support is a new thing. I think we (we, of course, being a relative term, meant to represent all the internet I come across) have finally reached a place where supporting gay rights is second nature. Like, duh, of course everyone should have the right to marry, etc, etc. It wasn’t like that five years ago, not even within the liberal media (or on my Facebook newsfeed).

So while we’re laughing at all the absurd, insane ways Sochi is breaking down and shaking our heads at Putin and his shirtless horseback riding, let’s keep in mind that this is the first time the entire world has banned together to support gay rights. Let’s keep the Google doodles rainbow, the sassy viral videos coming, and our spirits high because, with the way things are headed, this mess of horrific oppression will soon be distant history.


In case you were too busy chilling in a park somewhere to read the news/watch Jimmy Kimmel Youtube videos, Vancouver is allowing this sign to stay posted in a local park.

Some chick was single for a really long time and published a book about it (and I got really jealous). Then one of those ubiquitous internet lists popped up about why it’s great to be single. So, is this the hot, new trend? Being happy as a singleton?! Choosing to be single!? Pass me the ice cream; I’m in.

I totally thought American Hustle was overrated (And was more or less too terrified to say so on Facebook for fear over angering the cinefiles.), but, thankfully, I’m not alone!! (Thanks, Farran!)

Canadian television politics are still a tangled, laughable mess. So what are we going to do about it? No, seriously, that wasn’t rhetorical.

Movie/TV: Nothing’s stuck out to me the past week as I’ve solely been watching reruns of Arrested Development. So, uh, yeah, you should probably do the same.

Music: Dancepack by Volcano Choir – Like most of Justin Vernon’s side projects, this band isn’t instantly accessible; but it’s totally worth the effort. Perhaps start with the first single off the album, Byegone, before you move on to Dancepack; once you get there, I promise it will be worth it: it’s beautiful and mellow and will probably make you want to perform modern dance in your living room.

Photo: A hotel in Switzerland.travel_backpacking_round_the_world_amazing_hotels_ascher-cliff_switzerland

*Are the ‘I’ and the ‘A’ official now? Whatever… doesn’t matter. Give ALL the people ALL their rights.



  1. Thanks for the LGBT support! And in regards to American Hustle, I thought the only thing good about it was the acting.


    1. kellytatham says:

      No need to thank me! And I’m glad you felt the same way about American Hustle. It was so hyped up and I was so disappointed!


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