Of the Week

Magic Mike 2 is going to be “… essentially the movie that everyone thought the first one was going to be.” #YESSSSSS This is wonderful news. Also, no Alex Pettyfer, please.

Creepy ass pictures. Like, arty, creepy ass pictures.

Will Ferrell’s production company (Gary Sanchez) is forming a “female-driven” division (Gloria Sanchez). Awesome, awesome, awesome-sauce.

Tired of lugging heavy cans of beer around with you everywhere? Allow me to introduce, Beer Concentrate!!!

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon want your money… for charity. And if you give them some, you might win a dinner out with those two crazy kids.

Vulture listed the 25 best RomComs since When Harry Met Sally and I heartily disagree with at least half of them. I think part of the problem is that there hasn’t been 25 great RCs since then. Lots of other people are angry too, but mostly about what they didn’t include. They’re certainly playing pretty fast and loose with the term “romantic comedy” (specifically for their number one choice); plus there’s no way I can get behind any list with “best” in the title that includes THREE Adam Sandler flicks.

Song: Now that I’m back in Vancouver, I’m listening to The Peak again. Super digging “Afraid” by The Neighbourhood. Figures the first song I get into back in Canada is by a band from California.

TV: Less than one month ’til the Veronica Mars movie, guys!!! If you haven’t seen the show yet, get on it!

Quote (from that awesome Buzzfeed article on one of my favourite people in the world, Amy Poehler):


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