I’m Back!

My apologies, loyal readers*, I have not abandoned you. I’ve been back in Vancouver for nearly two weeks and, somehow, I’ve had barely any spare time. Between the job hunt, catching up with friends, and helping out on set, I’ve hardly had two spare seconds to rub together (not to mention discovering Tinder, playing in the snow, and cleaning/organizing/struggling to figure out what the heck I’m doing with my life).

So here we are. I promise to keep this place much more updated. More stories from L.A. will quickly follow, as well as updates on life in Vancouver and other random, fun rants, recipes, stories, reviews, whatever have you.

*Hi, Mom!

backyardtodayMy backyard today.

My wish for all of you today is that you’re warm, dry, and not stressed out. Be happy, friends 🙂

xo K.

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