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Back in the Homeland

Mere hours off the plane, I'm decked out in fancy rain boots, sporting zero makeup, and trudging through the rain to dine at the Na'am. Vancouver, never change. Leaving L.A. was extremely bittersweet. I'll write more about it in the coming days, I'm sure, when I've had more time to reflect. Saying goodbye to Hayley… Continue reading Back in the Homeland

Of the week

Of Last Week

National flags made of their country's traditional food. Exactly what it sounds like. And super cute. (Online) dating in "No Fun City*" aka Vancouver.  A few well written stories. All the places Canadians can get holiday/work visas. Whaaat? We have so many options! Anna Kendrick is the bestest; and the writer of this ad deserves an… Continue reading Of Last Week