Of Last Week

National flags made of their country’s traditional food. Exactly what it sounds like. And super cute.

(Online) dating in “No Fun City*” aka Vancouver.  A few well written stories.

All the places Canadians can get holiday/work visas. Whaaat? We have so many options!

Anna Kendrick is the bestest; and the writer of this ad deserves an award.

Vulture wrote a really interesting article about the history of the selfie. 

*Other people’s words; not mine.


Movie: Normally I like to stay positive and recommend only things that are SUPER awesome, but I would be remiss if I didn’t warn you of the atrocity I saw last week. Now you’re all smart people so you probably weren’t going to see it anyway but just in case, please, PLEASE don’t pay to see That Awkward Moment. I agree with this review that describes Zac Efron’s character as a sociopath, but it’s so much worse than that. I LOVE romantic comedies but TAM used the usually fun tropes in atrocious and offensive ways. I almost walked out multiple times. (Will I watch it again someday? Probably. But I’m a real glutton for punishment.)

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