Of the week

Of the Week

Links of the week: The Veronica Mars trailer was released, containing almost no new footage. But I don't care. It's glorious and I am counting down the days 'til March 14th. Tina Fey sells another sitcom and it sounds even better than the last. A glimpse at Paris in 1942. Or at least one woman's… Continue reading Of the Week

Life, etc.

Welcome, let’s talk about Lorde

Let's not make this a "get to know me" post, okay? I'm here. You're here. Enjoy. So because I wasted all my brain power choosing a theme for this website, I leave you with today's obsession: Lorde and her LP, Pure Heroine.¬†Especially A World Alone. Damn that's a good song. The album is refreshing, mellow,… Continue reading Welcome, let’s talk about Lorde