Of the Week

Links of the week:

The Veronica Mars trailer was released, containing almost no new footage. But I don’t care. It’s glorious and I am counting down the days ’til March 14th.

Tina Fey sells another sitcom and it sounds even better than the last.

A glimpse at Paris in 1942. Or at least one woman’s apartment in Paris in 1942. Pretty neat.

Lady Gaga back tracks and replaces R Kelly on her “Do What U Want” track. Enlisting former “rival” Xtina is sure to drum up the same controversy as one urinating lothario. (Not.) Dear Gaga, next time you pay someone to join you on a track that proclaims: “So do what you want/What you want with my body. Do what you want/Don’t stop, let’s party.” Maybe don’t hire a man with multiple dozens of lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct with underage women. Just a thought.

So, it’s still okay to eat seafood on the West coast? Most things you’re reading about Fukushima are vastly over-exaggerated. Probably. Believe whatever you want; let’s face it, our grandchildren are hooped either way.

Current obsessions:

Movie: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Have you seen it yet? Rent/download/beg/borrow/buy and watch the first movie then get thee to a theatre! Jennifer Lawrence is amazing, obviously, but, also, it’s just a really solid, entertaining film. It left me wanting so much more which is something I can’t say very often these days; (I’m looking at you, Hobbit Part 2.)

Song: Buzzcut Season by Lorde – Yes, I’m still talking about Lorde. No, I won’t stop. But, guys, it’s, like, a really, really good song.

TV: The Newsroom – The critics haven’t been crazy about this show, but I can’t even find the perspective to analyze it because I love it so very much. I am also now convinced that Aaron Sorkin can save Romantic Comedies. Seriously, Mr. Sorkin, aid a dying genre! It may feel like this paragraph just took a really weird digression, but after you watch the show you’ll understand. Sorkin does physical comedy, dry wit, and unrequited love like no one else on television and I think it would translate beautifully into 90 minutes of Natasha Bedingfield-backed will-they-or-won’t-they-but-of-course-they-will popcorn-y goodness. (This plea also goes out to Kay Cannon and Katie Dippold and Tina Fey and any other capable screenwriters… I miss romcoms!)

Welcome, let’s talk about Lorde

Let’s not make this a “get to know me” post, okay? I’m here. You’re here. Enjoy.

So because I wasted all my brain power choosing a theme for this website, I leave you with today’s obsession: Lorde and her LP, Pure Heroine. Especially A World Alone. Damn that’s a good song.

The album is refreshing, mellow, and (forgive me for this one) groovy. Plus, she’s kind of a bad ass; and not just for a seventeen-year-old. She’s already spoken out about her disappointment with her female contemporaries and proudly calls herself a feminist. And, believe it or not, her lyrics actually reflect her actions. Again, bad ass. (Also, that hair!!)

Which brings me to… I think this is the decade feminist loses its negative connotations. I side with Joss Whedon on the whole “ist-issue.” It’s a bummer that people hesitate to call themselves that when I know they believe in equal gender rights. Say it, FEMINIST! It’s not a dirty word. Beyoncé‘s in. John Legend, too. And now, Lorde, hopefully leading a generation of younger women and men to be loud, proud feminists.

Say no to foam fingers, kids and download purchase Lorde’s album!

Happy first post 🙂

Ps. Alternatively we ditch feminist and come up with a new word. Any suggestions?


Pps. Am on the hunt for a hair product to get these locks as close as possible to those locks. Suggestions gratefully accepted.