Welcome, let’s talk about Lorde

Let’s not make this a “get to know me” post, okay? I’m here. You’re here. Enjoy.

So because I wasted all my brain power choosing a theme for this website, I leave you with today’s obsession: Lorde and her LP, Pure Heroine. Especially A World Alone. Damn that’s a good song.

The album is refreshing, mellow, and (forgive me for this one) groovy. Plus, she’s kind of a bad ass; and not just for a seventeen-year-old. She’s already spoken out about her disappointment with her female contemporaries and proudly calls herself a feminist. And, believe it or not, her lyrics actually reflect her actions. Again, bad ass. (Also, that hair!!)

Which brings me to… I think this is the decade feminist loses its negative connotations. I side with Joss Whedon on the whole “ist-issue.” It’s a bummer that people hesitate to call themselves that when I know they believe in equal gender rights. Say it, FEMINIST! It’s not a dirty word. Beyoncé‘s in. John Legend, too. And now, Lorde, hopefully leading a generation of younger women and men to be loud, proud feminists.

Say no to foam fingers, kids and download purchase Lorde’s album!

Happy first post 🙂

Ps. Alternatively we ditch feminist and come up with a new word. Any suggestions?


Pps. Am on the hunt for a hair product to get these locks as close as possible to those locks. Suggestions gratefully accepted.

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