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Film Review: Dear White People

Satire is the weapon of reason.¬† Dear White People¬†is the first feature film from writer/director Justin Simien. Funded partially by Indiegogo, the film was released in the States on Oct. 17th, but only made it to Vancouver, Canada last Friday. If you haven't been following my myriad anticipatory tweets, please click here to watch the… Continue reading Film Review: Dear White People

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The Power of Your (Bad) Words

Jonah Hill has come under fire this week for yelling homophobic remarks at the paparazzo who was stalking him. While it appears relatively unprovoked, I do believe that he was being followed and harassed for a long time. As such, I support Jonah in his right to tell this guy to "Fuck off." (Although, if… Continue reading The Power of Your (Bad) Words