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Of the Week

What you should be watching and reading and listening to this week. First of all, if you're still not watching Broad City, you're missing out on the most hilarious, inventive... you know what? There aren't even adjectives to properly describe it amazing-ness. Just watch it. In other news, the ex-writers of cult hit of comedy wonder, Happy… Continue reading Of the Week

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Nisha’s Last Day in L.A. and Celebrity Approachment

Sunday morning we woke up refreshed and groggy. Wait... refreshed or groggy, you choose. It was Nisha's last morning (sob!) so we decided to squeeze in a few more things before driving her to the airport. First on the list, farmer's market! My obsession with farmer's markets knows no bounds and I couldn't wait to check… Continue reading Nisha’s Last Day in L.A. and Celebrity Approachment