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Why CBS’s Nancy Drew Adaptation Is All Wrong

CBS just announced they’re developing a drama series based on the iconic Nancy Drew novels. It will be a contemporary take seeing Nancy in her 30s working as an NYPD detective. Please excuse me while I go throw up. In elementary school I read the shelves of our library’s Nancy Drew section dry. Then I… Continue reading Why CBS’s Nancy Drew Adaptation Is All Wrong

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Of the Week

What you should be watching and reading and listening to this week. First of all, if you're still not watching Broad City, you're missing out on the most hilarious, inventive... you know what? There aren't even adjectives to properly describe it amazing-ness. Just watch it. In other news, the ex-writers of cult hit of comedy wonder, Happy… Continue reading Of the Week

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Why “You’re the Worst” is ABSOLUTELY the BEST

The rom-com sitcom you have been waiting for. Now I don't exactly want to take back my rant on why A to Z deserves another season, buuuut... since I discovered FX(X)'s You're the Worst I've lost my appetite for romcomsitcom works-in-progress. Unlike all of its network contemporaries, You're the Worst arrived fully formed and brilliant. (And so much closer to my… Continue reading Why “You’re the Worst” is ABSOLUTELY the BEST

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Why A to Z deserves renewal. (Listen up, NBC!)

NBC announced at the beginning of this month that it would not be ordering any more episodes of A to Z. The trades quickly reported that it, along with its timeslot partner and fellow NBC non-orderee, Bad Judge, had been cancelled. Reports that were immediately followed by pangs of regret slicing through the hearts of millions of viewers, "Great," we… Continue reading Why A to Z deserves renewal. (Listen up, NBC!)

Of the week

Of the Week

Cooool! 13 Houses with Secret Passageways  If you haven't heard yet, I'm here to tell you, New Girl is getting sued. I've read all the comments and the public seems to be evenly divided. Half the commenters are saying this 100% happened and FOX with pay through the nose and the other half are saying its ridiculous and a… Continue reading Of the Week

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Here there be $2 tacos AND bottles of wine.

Wednesday started off the way every day should: with two breakfasts. Nisha and I walked a few blocks down Tujunga and stopped at a little taco stand that Google Maps tells me is called Cactus Taqueria #3. I had chorizo and Nisha had vegetarian and they were flippin' delicious. After that wonderful appetizer we crossed… Continue reading Here there be $2 tacos AND bottles of wine.

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2013 in Review

Two thousand and thirteen has come and gone. And what I year it was. I was extremely blessed last year to spend eleven and a half months in school studying writing for film and television. Storytelling has been a passion my entire life, but, as they say, the path is not straight. There are times when… Continue reading 2013 in Review